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Professionally Installed Lightning Protection Equals Peace of Mind

The use of Lightning Rods is endorsed by the American Institute of Architects as well as the American Institute of Electrical Engineers.

The use of Tri-State Lightning protection offers their services nationwide with a particular emphasis on the states of Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio.

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In September, 1993, a lightning strike caused a fire in the historic Saint Mary's Catholic Church in Fort Wayne, IN. While the century-old church was totally destroyed by the fire, a lightning protection system would most likely have prevented the disaster by safely routing the electrical energy from the lightning bolt to the ground to be absorbed therein. When the church was rebuilt, a lightning protection system, installed by Tri-State Lightning Protection, was incorporated into the design.

In business for more than 48 years and headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Tri-State Lightning Protection has installed thousands of lighting protection systems nationwide.